Dad and Stepdaughter Record Hilarious Car Ride and Millions of People Watch before Mom finds Out

Cole LaBrant, of YouTube fame, and his step-daughter Everleigh perform a fantastic carpool karaoke with outfits, facial expressions and fabulous antics! This adorable duo is about to make your day.
The video features Cole and his wife Savannah’s daughter Everleigh riding along in their car while they bust out with some serious carpool karaoke.
There is a mix of tunes to enjoy, as father and daughter were more than happy to create a playlist full of ’90s throwbacks. Best of all, each song came with its very own costume change. Seeing a little girl who loves music this much definitely touched our hearts and for those who plan on having little ones of their own, this clip offers a potential preview of what is to come.
The most striking aspect of this clip is the authenticity. While some social media stars come across as fake or pandering for clicks and likes, this dynamic duo has a genuine love for each other that radiates through the screen. Thanks to their awesome connection and their amazing artistic flair, the video got millions of views in a serious hurry.
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