Dads Walk with Swag out of The Garage and The Music Starts, I Totally Lost It

What do you get when you combine fathers with attitude, a killer hip hop beat, and well thought out lyrics about the things that dads do daily? This awesome and hilarious song called “Dad Life” that has become an anthem for cool father’s everywhere.
I’m sure many fathers out there will identify with at least parts, if not all, of what these dads sing about. And at 2:02? I howled with laughter!
There are so many more hilarious and well played lyrics in the song that make everyday chores and tasks sound hip and fun. With Father’s Day coming up soon, on June 21st of this year, it’s a great song to play for your dad and family. Listening to this song will make everyone appreciate how much they often do for their kids, wife, and others in the family, and for that they deserve respect.
They may be poking fun at themselves for being uncool, but that just makes them cooler in my eyes!

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