Darci Lynne Farmer Debuts Sassy Old Lady Puppet and Flirts with Simon

Ventriloquist Darci Lynne is a major contender for the America’s Got Talent title this year – and she made her latest bid for the crown with a puppet that had an eye for Simon Cowell.
This week’s semi-final saw the 12-year-old take to the stage with yet another one of her creations, Edna Doorknocker – a cheeky pensioner who made her feelings for the mogul very clear.
She warns her swooning puppet that the age difference could pose some unwanted health risks! Darci Lynne explains to Edna that she is much older than Simon and he could give her a heart attack with his stunning good looks.
The silly rendition of Aretha’s song is dedicated to Simon from a Cupid-struck Edna and he can’t help but let his laughter fill the room! This is the funniest performance he’s seen in ages and it’s all at the hands of a talented young lady!

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