Disappointed Boy Sits All Alone on the Street. Then this Girl Surprises him with a Red Package…

When this girl, Shaylynn Hampton, noticed a young boy being picked on because of his shoes, she decided to do something about it. Now, her simple act of kindness is touching hearts all over the country. 11-year-old Richard had come to play basketball near to Shaylynn’s Kentucky home, but the other kids teased him over the holes in his shoes.
They told him he shouldn’t play with them because his shoes looked “raggedy”, the young boy told WKOW. It turns out his family couldn’t afford to get him new shoes; his sneakers were his mother’s ‘handmedowns’ and close to 8 years old.
Having witnessed the bullying, Shaylynn felt bad for Richard and immediately went to her closet. A collector of sneakers, she had a brand new pair of LeBrons valued at $200 that didn’t fit her well, so she packed them up and headed for the door.
Jackie Workman, Shaylynn’s mom, saw her come out of her room with a red box in her hand. She asked what she was doing and Shaylynn told her boys were picking on the little boy.Mom was so proud of her little girl that she recorded the moment Shaylynn gave her gift to Richard, and the video has since gone viral.
You’ve got a great heart, young lady. He will remember this moment for the rest of his life. The world needs more heroes such as yourself. Lots of love and respect.

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