Dog Starts Acting Strange. Then She goes to The Doctors and They Tell her Bad News

When it comes to a dog’s nose, humans cannot compare. Dogs can smell when you’re going to open a packet of cheese before you even get to the fridge. But they can smell so much more than just cheese.
Max is a red collie cross that enjoys living with his owner Maureen. He can sense when he’s going out for a walk before Maureen even gets up from her chair. However, back in 2008, Max began to act very strange. He was always very sad, looking at Maureen desperately, but refusing to sit on her lap.
He was 9 years old at the time, and Maureen feared he might be reaching the end of his life. She was preparing herself to lose him. But after a few odd moments of him coming up and tapping her breast with his nose, she realized what it might mean.
She had a small lump in her breast, and after doctors said the mammogram came back normal, she hadn’t thought of it twice. But after looking Max in the eyes one day, she knew that it was cancer. The initial scans came back negative and it took a surgical biopsy for them to find it.
As soon as it had been removed, Max knew that his mom was OK and he changed instantly back into his old self.

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