Elvis made this Song Famous, but Andrea Bocelli’s Version is So Chilling

It only takes the crowd a moment for the crowd to recognize the tune. The song in question is Can’t Help Falling in Love as made famous by Elvis Presley, no doubt chosen by Bocelli for Presley’s own long-standing connections with the city of Las Vegas. Though the Elvis version is definitely iconic, Bocelli has no problem turning it into a creation all his own. His voice is deep, robust and about as smooth as silk—but even more amazing is how the couples in the audience react to the romantic song.

While there’s always something special about seeing music performed live, there’s a special thrill that comes out of watching musicians do their own interpretations of great songs. Though Elvis’s version has already stood the test of time, it’s marked by the unique twang and timbre of his voice. Bocelli’s version is respectful of the original while adding his own deep, pure tone to it. Without spoiling too much, the way Bocelli ends the song makes the whole thing all the more impressive.

For those who weren’t fans before, we’re hoping this performance will change your mind.

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