Father Protects Son from Neighborhood Bullies and Supports his Dreams

Here, we meet a little boy who dreams of being a flamenco dancer. But when his dad walks into his bedroom with a box. Inside is a judo uniform, and the boy realizes his dad is putting him on a path he didn’t choose.
Thus begins the boy’s judo training. Meanwhile, every day on the way to the bus, the kids in the neighborhood mock him for needing his dad to protect him.
But then, something amazing happens. Thanks to Dad’s prodding, the boy gets better and better at judo, earns more and more belts, and gains both strength and confidence. He even wins a prized trophy, proudly displaying it on the shelf in his bedroom. Little did the boy know, his father was setting him up for his dreams the whole time — and by the end, those neighborhood bullies aren’t so intimidating anymore.

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