Her Fiance Picks Special Wedding Dress Secretly. Day Before The Wedding, She Removes The Blindfold to See IT!

Choosing the right dress is a daunting process, but perhaps the most important decision to make… which is what makes this video so insanely entertaining.
“Don’t Tell The Bride” is a British reality TV series in which couples are given money to fund their wedding ceremony. But here’s the catch: the groom must organize each and every aspect of the ceremony, from the cake to the decor. In addition, the couples must spend three weeks apart without making any contact! In the episode below, fussy and particular Hollie finally gets to see the dress picked out by her fiancé, James’.
James has to choose his bride’s wedding gown, and she gets no say in the matter. All he knows is that she wants something a bit unconventional.
With just one day before their wedding, things could take a surprisingly sweet turn, or go horribly, horribly wrong. Watch the video below to see how Hollie reacts to James’ choice of gown…

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