This Girl started Texting During her Driving Test. Just Keep Your Eye on The Instructor

When this driving instructor at Brussels Driving Center in Brussels, Belgium says the test takers must type a text message while navigating the driving course, the test takers were shocked. However, in order to pass the test, they must complete the ‘mobile phone test’ without hitting any of the obstacles throughout the driving course.While navigating a driving course isn’t the same as driving in everyday life, it offers many of the same challenges, such as navigating an unfamiliar area or giving attention to multiple things or people. You will be surprised to see how the test takers react to the mobile phone test, as most of them find they are unable to complete the test with ease or accuracy.
The whole purpose of this message is to reach young drivers with this message: we have to act now. More and more deaths are being caused by texting while driving, and each and every driver must accept the danger.

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