Goofy Little Girl is not Pleased about her First Day of Preschool

Mila and Emma Stauffer are twin sisters from Arizona who captured the hearts of people all over the world with the help of their mother, the ever-talented photographer and social media guru Katie Stauffer!
These goofy toddlers seem to have an opinion about everything – and they aren’t afraid to share it! They chat into Mom’s camera about topics ranging from Disneyland to Justin Bieber, and each conversation is more hilarious than the next.
But when Mom announced that it was time for Emma and Mila to start preschool, they weren’t so sure about how things were going to turn out.
Katie had no idea that the experience would elicit such a strong response from one of her girls…
The second little Mila got back from school, she ran up to Mom and started to explain why the day was such a disaster! Thankfully, Katie had the camera running the whole time – there was no was she was going to miss this sassy little rant.
Her adorable voice, funny demeanor and strong storytelling skills are something everyone wants to watch.
It’s not everyday that you listen to a goofy little girl like Mila!

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