Grandpa Couldnt Believe who Appears on The Big Screen. What an Awesome Surprise!

With how harsh the economy has been these last few years, a lot of families have been forced to separate just because so many people have chosen to move to new cities in search of jobs.
So when three years ago, the parents of little Esme had to move from London all the way to Australia, the whole family was heartbroken at the prospect of being so far apart. Little Esme loved her grandparents dearly, but her parents just had to move, even though they themselves didn’t want to.
So as the years passed by, Esme’s loving grandparents did their best to keep up with her growth. But with money so tight these days, it was always a big decision to go visit.
Luckily, one day, British Airways heard about this family’s amazing story. So, working with Esme and her parents, they decided to film a video featuring the adorable little girl. And when Esme’s grandparents went to the movies one morning, they had no idea they were in for the movie theater surprise of a lifetime!

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