Gunman Opens Fire in High School Cafeteria and is Taken Down by shy Math Teacher

Past week, nightmare became reality at Mattoon High School in Illinois. Just after 11:30 a.m. on September 20, 2017, an unnamed student allegedly opened fire in the school cafeteria.
Before tragedy could strike, a teacher did the unthinkable. Angela McQueen, a 40-year-old physical education and math teacher, tackled the shooter while he fired at students eating their lunch.
Angela, who is described as shy and quiet, physically held down the student. His finger was still placed on the trigger as bullets flew up into the ceiling. A school resource officer in another part of the school heard the shots and ran to assist.
Over 100 police officers rushed toward the building and took the alleged shooter into custody. Angela was able to stop the dangerous situation before it escalated further, but her role as protector didn’t stop there. She walked around the cafeteria, making sure everyone was OK.
The investigation is currently ongoing.
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