Two Guys Spotted a Public Piano in a Train Station and Started Playing Boogie Woogie

At the St. Pancras Station in London, United Kingdom, there’s a public piano where commuters can enjoy playing a few tunes while they’re waiting for their train to arrive. An impromptu musical performance was given by two men playing some boogie-woogie tunes on the piano, while a woman with red hair – the third member of the remarkable musical trio – assisted with drums, right in the middle of a crowded train station.
The piano that these two men were playing at certainly wasn’t an ordinary public piano, as none other than Sir Elton John generously donated his musical masterpiece to the train station.

“Enjoy this piano. It’s a gift. Love, Elton John.”

It was at this exact piano that these three brave men and women decided to throw a little concert. When these men hit the piano, the amount of uplifting boogie-woogie is so great that commuters nearby almost started dancing. And with the drums on the floor in the background, their public performance certainly is one to remember. We’re pretty sure they made Sir Elton John proud!

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