Heroes Rescue A Traumatized Blind Dog Trapped in Sharp Brambles

In another heart-pounding rescue video, we see these selfless volunteers once again go above and beyond the call of duty to save a dog in desperate need of help. This time, however, the dog was not trapped by accident. A security guard chased the dog into sharp, dangerous brambles, where she became trapped for over 48 hours without any food or water.
As you can see in the beginning of the following video, the pup was frightened, confused, and fading. When they pulled her out, they realized the worst part of it all: This terrified dog was completely blind and therefore completely unable to care for herself.
The stray was brought to an animal sanctuary, where she was treated and began to start trusting her rescuers. She still has a long road to recovery ahead, but luckily she’ll never have to be on her own again.

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