Impatient Boy wouldnt Stop Interrupting, until Mom Learned this Simple Trick. This Can Help to all Parents

Children are one the greatest gift to parents. They are full of love and laughter! However, sometimes those bundles of joy can become quite rambunctious! Manners may go out the window leading kids to interrupt their parents for the simplest of reasons. There is a simple solution to teaching your children to not interrupt and it starts with your hands.
When her kids want her attention, they are trained to place their hands on their mom’s shoulder. Once Kirsten feels the touch of her kids, she places her hand on top of theirs to acknowledge she notices them and will speak to them shortly. This way, Kirsten can politely excuse herself from the conversation and speak with her kids.
Body language is quite powerful, especially when it involves touch. After his mom acknowledges his hand, the little boy knew that he would get his mom’s attention as soon as she was finished and then he could share what he needed.

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