This Jaguar Caught up to The Little Dog, and I Feared The Worst. What The Dog Did Next Stunned Me!

We’ve all seen unusual animal friendships. While many seem to make sense from some perspective or another, others are quite surprising.
Take the story of Jag and Bullet. Taken in by the Akwaaba Lodge as a baby, Jag needed some companionship his caretakers couldn’t provide. He soon bonded closely with a little Jack Russell terrier named Bullet. Of course, jaguars grow up. As he got bigger, Jag needed to be moved to an enclosure of his own. His response to being separated from Bullet took everyone by surprise. It’s not every day you see cats and dogs getting along together, and rarer still for the cat to be three times the size of the dog. But Jag and Bullet really make a perfect animal odd couple.

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