This Man Stacks Coca-Cola Bottles Upside-Down. Wait Until You See What he Made!

The man behind this project is Willem Van Cotthem, who documented the construction of his bottle tower in 2011-2012. He and his team began by stacking old plastic soda bottles along the edge of a fence, then by planting the seeds during a gradual process that involves more stacking and planting.
Within one year, the outdoor space completely transforms to a lush garden of beautiful vegetables and herbs. He says the number of bottle towers can be adapted in order to grow an entire family’s food year-long, year after year.
The bottle tower garden works in both rural and in urban areas and is especially helpful when you live in a housing complex where plant space is very limited. Even more incredible is the fact it can be applied at the lowest cost to alleviate malnutrition and hunger in all parts of the world.

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