Mom Brings everyone in Room to Tears while Holding 12 Ounce Baby Girl for the 1st Time

Angela and Michael Bakker received the best news ever, they’re having a baby girl, their excitement was bigger than any other feeling. They were dreaming of building their own family, raising kids and live happily forever.
Unfortunately, that dream came to a screeching halt when Angela gave birth 15 weeks early. She was only 25 weeks along and the chance of their baby girl, Naomi Joy, surviving was slim to none.
Skin-to-skin contact is one of the most important things a baby can experience after birth. But for Naomi, she was stuck inside a plastic NICU bubble for more than two weeks with only the occasional touch from her parents.
Even though she was less than one pound at birth, they believed Naomi was in a stable enough condition to be held. With eight NICU nurses aiding the transfer from the bubble to Angela’s chest, the process went smoothly and she rested peacefully on her Momma.
Angela’s expression is pure joy when that beautiful baby girl is placed on her chest. Her eyes are wide with wonder as the medical team works around her, then she begins beaming as she finally holds her daughter after all these days.
Thankfully, Angela and Michael were able to hold their baby girl every single one of the 128 more days she was in the hospital. Thanks to the constant care of the NICU staff and her parents’ positivity, Naomi is now a healthy, happy little girl.

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