Mom has Stressful Day at Home with The Kids, then Toddler Shares The Real Story with Dad

It all seemed like an ordinary day, especially to mom, until she heard her daughter tell dad about what happened. Fits and messes contributed by both of her little ones made for stressful moments, yet mom had her way of keeping it all together. When one child was upset, before she knew it, the other was, too.
No matter how many chores were on the to-do list, her babies were priority. She accomplished everything that was humanly possible to do in one day. Going to the store, getting meals made and more – she was always on the go. While there was so much to do, she had plenty of messes in between to clean up.
Dirty diapers, messy faces, spills and squabbles to break up, she is supermom. When you stop and think about exactly how many things a mom gets done in one day, it’s truly astounding.
She thought she made it through the day, but then she overheard words that grabbed a hold of her heart the second they left her daughter’s mouth. It made her pause and think. It all started when Dad simply asked his little girl, “How was your day?” Her response took mom by total surprise.
Just by looking into her eyes, it was obvious his little girl was telling the truth. Watch what words tugged at mom’s heartstrings in the eye-opening video below.

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