Nervous Puppy Wont Stop Crying, but Look Closely at The Vet. Incredible…

As the effects of the anesthesia began to wear off, she began to cry and whimper simply because her body felt so weird. She felt woozy and didn’t know where she was, and her response was totally understandable for anyone in a similar position.
When Surgical Assistant Dennis Moses heard the puppy’s cries of fear, he picked up little Meesha and brought her to a more quiet hallway. This amazing moment would never have been seen or heard were it not for the random luck of another volunteer who came across the beautiful scene. The volunteer instantly brought out their camera to record such a heartwarming moment.
Dennis is doing everything he can to sooth Meesha’s fear and calm her spirit. Through soft speaking and lots of kisses little Meesha is woken up in the best way possible! A few days after this video was filmed, Meesha was adopted into a new and loving “forever home” where she’ll be given the love and care that all animals deserve!

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