When Dancer Receives a Perfect Score a Judge Gets up and Does THIS

We loved watching all kinds of celebrities take the floor and dance the tango, the cha-cha, and the foxtrot, among many other types of dance. Some excelled and tapped into a skill they didn’t know they had, while others struggled.
Nyle DiMarco stunned viewers when he took the stage and displayed an incredible amount of skill and grace. Nyle is DEAF, and uses sign language to communicate. For many, this was perplexing, but his humility and hard work earned him support from fans. And it paid off… Nyle and his partner, Peta, were crowned the winners of this season of Dancing With The Stars!
The most emotional moment came when Nyle faced the judges one last time, after his final dance. He received a perfect score, but it was when one judge got up from her chair that reduced him to tears.

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