People Fall in Love with the Grandpa who Cuddles Premature Babies whose Parents cant be with Them

Something as simple as a hug can do wonders for a person, especially those who are fighting for their lives.
Every Tuesday and Thursday for the past 12 years, David Deutchman has visited the NICU and PICU at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. He spends his time at the hospital volunteering by sharing lots of cuddles, hugs, and love.
For parents who can’t yet bring their babies home from the hospital, it isn’t easy for them to be there all the time. When premature babies are born, they need a little extra love and that’s where David comes in.
Even though he’s been volunteering for over a decade, the man nicknamed ICU Grandpa doesn’t tire of it. He even believes that he gets more out of the snuggle sessions than some of the babies.
“It’s been wonderful because it gives me something to do that has meaning to it,” he said.

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