Everyone in School Blames this Bullied Girl for Being ‘Weird’, but her Mom Takes Drastic Measures

This heartbreaking documentary is one of the most powerful examinations of bullying we’ve ever seen. It follows 12-year-old Tayla as she deals with horrific bullying.
The school had no idea what to do about the ongoing harassment so they put Tayla in an isolation room making her feel even more alienated and ashamed.
Her mother Kali took it upon herself to fight tooth and nail to ensure that Tayla be protected by the school administration but the school was failing. In fact, the principal told Kali that it was Tayla’s fault for being bullied because she was “weird.”
The 12-year-old became so depressed, she stopped eating and attempted suicide.
But Kali wasn’t going to sit down and let bullies destroy her beloved daughter. When the school wouldn’t do anything, when therapy wasn’t helping, Kali knew she had to make a big change. Kali sent Tayla to live with her grandfather.
The results have already been night and day. Tayla can look back at her time being bullied and her depression with the wisdom to know that yes, things were bad back then, but that she has been loved all along. Kali and Tayla’s brothers will be moving to the new town and joining Kali so that they can all get a fresh start as family.

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