Top Secret Drummers Look up and Everyone was Stunned with their Next Move

You’ve never seen a drum line quite like this. While most groups pride themselves on their talent, performance and precision, no one can even touch these guys.
These highly trained performers are always working towards improving, and when they had the opportunity to display a design around the idea of the digital age, they poured out everything that had into their practices.
Outside of their practice, they are just regular individuals with diverse jobs. Some are bankers, civil servants, other factory workers. However, no matter what background they come from, when they come together, they blend together as one. With their pressed uniforms, perfect forms, and serious composure, they display the dedication and love they have for being a part of the Top Secret Drum Corps.
Their performance is filled with energy, as the drummers and color guards show off an incredible visual display among bright lights and fire. The color guards use many different flags throughout the routine, and the drums never miss a beat.

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