We all Know That Dog is Man’s Best Friend, but let’s not Forget That Man is Dog’s Best Friend Too!

The story of Craig Mosher and his dog Loois is one of the most moving and uplifting things you will ever see. In 2004, Loois became a paraplegic after complications during surgery. This meant that Craig had to make drastic alterations to Loois’s routine, as well as his own. However, instead of letting this become a setback, this was something he did with gusto. Craig bought a specially adapted harness which allowed him to walk Loois without him having to use his back legs, and rigged up a DIY multigym in his garage as a way of keeping Loois’s muscles strong.
Craig’s aim is to give Loois as fulfilling a life as possible, despite his disability. And he seems to be succeeding! Loois goes for walks in the park, plays catch with a baseball and lounges in his favorite chair at his and Craig’s home. He is clearly grateful, too. He is a devoted pet for a devoted owner, and gives Craig all the love and affection in the world.

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