Volunteers in Animal Shelter Celebrates Record-Breaking 800 Pets Adopted

We all know too well that managing space and resources in animal shelter is a daily struggle. There are just too many times when animals have to be put down simply because there is not enough space for them anymore, and the wave of incoming animals never seems to stop.
Thankfully for the staff at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, that’s not a reality they will have to face this holiday season. All of their kennels are empty for the best possible reason – all of their cats and dogs were adopted into forever homes!
They decided to celebrate, and what better place to do it than those empty kennels?
P.S. Animal shelters are full of animals waiting to find a forever home they can give their love to. If you’re thinking of getting a pet this holiday season, please think about skipping the pet stores and puppy mills, and adopt a rescue animal instead.

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