After 17 Years, His Wife Just Told Him Something Shocking

After four miscarriages and one stillbirth, it has been 17 long years of being unable to conceive. Dana and her husband Arkell had completely given up on their dreams of having children. But Arkell is about to get the surprise of his life and his reaction could not be any sweeter.
Dana decided to put “buns in the oven” next to the baby’s ultrasound pictures. It took a moment for Arkell to understand, but once he does, he is utterly stunned. But the surprises keep coming, not only is she pregnant, but she is 19 weeks along. Dana makes the comment that no wonder she was unable to lose weight. Then Arkell gets even more news that they are expecting a boy. His reaction is so genuine and sweet as tears begin to flow. What a loving home this little one is being born into, no doubt they will treasure every moment with him

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