A Wild Stallion Knows Exactly What to Do when his Baby Horse Begins to Drown

A wild stallion named Champ and his family graze along the bank of the Salt River in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest. Minutes later, a second band of wild horses arrives at the opposite bank.
It doesn’t take long for Champ and his family to become interested in their new neighbors across the way. Intrigued, a few begin to cross the river.
Suddenly, the strong current forces the filly of the group to be swept downstream. For a moment, she even goes under.
Champ tries to grab the filly by the side of the neck, but is unable. The filly breaks from the group, struggling in the water.
Champ breaks from the group to go after her. He grabs her by the neck and gently helps her back to the band. He doesn’t let go until he knows she’s safe.
Shaken, the filly heads to her mother. With everything under control, Champ proceeds to cross the river and greets the stallions across the bank like they’re old friends.

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