Keep your Eyes on Daughter while Dad were Picking at The Guitar… This is INCREDIBLE!

Alexandra Kay loves to sing country music, bluegrass, and anything else with that good old-fashioned “twang!” And when you hear her voice, you’ll see why she loves it so much.
Since “Jolene” was released back in 1973, millions of people have fallen in love with Dolly, and thousands of musicians have attempted to do the song justice. And while we’ve all heard some pretty amazing covers of the famous song, it wasn’t until singer/songwriter Alexandra Kay gave the song a try and managed to show just how incredibly talented she is!
While she’ll never manage to top Dolly, this young singer is the closest second that anyone has ever managed to get with this amazing song. Something tells us that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Alexandra in the years to come. She needs to get on all the talent shows because she’s one of the best singers we’ve seen in years!

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