Cop Sets Homeless Man on Back of Patrol Car, Bends Over, and Stuns The Internet

While on duty, Officer Valenzuela came across a homeless man on the streets. They got to talking and Officer Valenzuela couldn’t help but look down at his feet. He saw the poor man had on nothing but socks, and his toes were even peeking through the ends. Officer Valenzuela then decided to do something many others would never consider. He searched the nearby store to find a pair of shoes for the man. Unfortunately, they were unable to find a pair that fit.
The officer said that he encountered the homeless man by chance and felt “bad” that he didn’t have any shoes on. Officer Valenzuela had a new pair of shoes he bought for his son in his patrol car and they happened to fit the stranger.
“He was just very thankful. He choked me up a little bit,” Valenzuela told 12 News Phoenix. “I could see a little bit of money in his pocket, he had some dollar bills and some change. He wanted to pay me for the shoes and I just told him they were a gift from God.”
A random act of kindness may be big or small, but you may never truly know how much it means to someone else. Sometimes we are lucky enough to witness such acts that are caught on camera.

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