Two Sisters Visit their 97 YO Sister in Hospice Care, get Right to Work making her feel Beautiful Again

There is nothing quite like the bond shared between sisters. You grow up together playing, dancing, whispering, laughing, and, yes, sometimes even fighting. The experiences you have together are ones no one else in the world will ever truly understand or appreciate.

A sweet video of three elderly sisters looking after one another is touching the hearts around the globe.

These sweet ladies lovingly cared for their sister and it was clear their visit did her a world of good. Despite being sick and frail, she was smiling and laughing with them and feeling young again.

The woman’s granddaughter was fortunate enough to be able to witness this sweet moment between the sisters and capture it on her camera. She was so touched by the love her great-aunts were showing her grandmother that she was inspired to make a promise to her own sisters.

“When my sisters are old, I will brush their hair and make sure they look pretty, until the very end,” she said.

What a beautiful picture of familial love and compassion. May all be so blessed to have such sweet and caring loved ones with them till the very end.

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