Little Bear Cub Cant Stop Flirting with his New Best Friend Fawn!

The cutie in the video below is a rare example of one living in a monitored environment at West Virginia’s Point of View Farm. The sanctuary is also home to a few more cubs, a fox with three little babies of her own, and three beautiful fawns.
Biologist Joel Rosenthal captures the precious moment one cub, Boog, was introduced to one of the young fawns. The fuzzy boy looks completely baffled by the strange new critter at first, standing up on his hind legs to slowly examine her gorgeous spots.
She patiently waits for him to sniff around her and, after a few seconds, it seems like Boog has fallen for the fawn as he carefully gives her a smooch on the face!
I can’t imagine how many more heartwarming moments the caretakers are lucky enough to see on a daily basis. It’s like watching a Disney movie come to life.

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