Aly Raisman’s Nervous Parents are Maybe The Cutest Thing to Happen on The Olympics Games

Lynn and Rick Raisman — parents of famed Olympic gymnast Ali Raisman — went viral with their anxiety-ridden expressions during their daughter’s performance in the London Olympics.
Now, Aly Raisman is back in the 2016 Rio Olympics, and Lynn and Rick are once again providing viewers with endless entertainment. In the clip below, watch as the nervous parents squirm and cringe in their seats while their daughter tackles the uneven bars. It makes complete sense that Lynn is a former high school gymnast who wants nothing more than to see her daughter take home the gold.
In the following routine, Raisman is not only attempting to help the United States earn qualifying score, but she’s also competing within her team for the individual all-around competition. Her parents have double the reason to cheer her on, unleashing their nerves on camera for all the world to see.
The best moment comes at the end when Lynn and Rick realize they can relax now. The tension eases and they high-five one another; Aly dominated her routine.

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