Scared Newly Rescued Chimps Meet and Refuse to Let go of each other’s Hands

Chimpanzees Terry and Jeannie have only recently met, but they immediately forged a strong friendship. Jeannie was rescued from a medical laboratory and Terry from a small zoo, where he was all alone for 18 years.
The two chimps are now with Save The Chimps, a charity which provides sanctuary for chimps rescued from research labs, the entertainment industry and the pet trade.
Save the Chimps does wonderful rescue work, saving many chimps who have endured harsh circumstances.
Both Jeannie and Terry are new arrivals and can look forward to a well-deserved, enriched life after decades of captivity.
A sweet moment between two new friends will make your heart melt. Hand in hand, two chimpanzees who were recently introduced don’t seem to want to let go of each other despite having very different backgrounds.

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