Mom expects to Die after Delivering Baby during Fire, then Stranger Drags her into Random House

Heather Roebuck delivered the last baby at Feather River Hospital in Paradise, California, before the deadly Camp Fire closed in on the building.
Just moments after Heather welcomed baby Halley into the world via cesarean section, everyone inside the hospital was told to evacuate. The nurses ran through the maternity ward telling frantic mothers to grab their babies and go.
Heather was separated from her baby and husband so she could be taken out in an ambulance. They didn’t even make it 1 mile down the road before the ambulance started melting in the blaze, now trapped in a residential neighborhood.
The frightened mom was still numb from her waist down after having just undergone the C-section; she was helpless and unable to move on her own. Assuming it would be her last phone call, Heather called her husband to tell him and their children that she loved them. She thought she was going to die.
The fire continued to spread throughout the neighborhood when a stranger — a man who seemingly popped out of nowhere — dragged Heather’s body out of the ambulance and up the driveway to a random house.
What happened next inside this house is nothing short of incredible.

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