Roofers are Working when Music Comes On. It Inspires him to Drop his Hammer and Bust a Move!

Andrew Wilcox was helping build a shed next to a home when he just couldn’t help himself. He heard Enrique Iglesias song “Bailando” playing and couldn’t stop himself from feeling the music. But what he did next has people everywhere laughing out loud.
Andrew just had to get his groove on and stopped working for less than a minute. He started swaying his hips, shaking and boogieing to the hit song.
He was hilarious to watch!
A few of those moves make you wonder if he might slide right off the roof! His one leap is impressive, albeit startling considering he’s on a roof.
Who says that work has to be boring? You’ll get a good laugh out of them rocking the rooftop during their workday.

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