Receptionist Calls Ellen in The MIDDLE of her Show. Then She Hears The News…

When Ellen was trying to introduce her first guest of the show, her receptionist did something that you’d never expect from a professional working on such a well-known show. She called her from the front desk, interrupting the whole show.
Of course, she had a very good reason. She’d received a letter that she knew that Ellen would want to hear right away – especially because the woman who wrote it was sitting right there in the audience that day.
When the camera pans to Kim, who wrote the letter, she’s already crying as her opening words are spoken over the speaker. Kim’s mother, Becky, is sitting right there next to her holding back tears as well.
These two have a really great reason for loving Ellen so much. When they went in for their chemotherapy together, Ellen’s show, along with each other’s company, is what kept their spirits high during such tragic times.
You have to see what Ellen gives Kim for her upcoming wedding: the joke dress and bouquet give her a huge laugh. But when Ellen reaches behind her chair? Kim’s jaw actually drops.

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