Woman Starts Singing ‘Hallelujah’ with Street Performer and Leaves Everyone with Chills!

As a pretty young lady, Jade Helliwell is used to getting judged by people. But it’s usually because of her amazing talent.
On one particular night, she was hanging out with her gal pals in Leeds when she spotted a street musician, Dawid Osial, playing his guitar. She politely asked the Dawid if she could join in on the fun!
The crowd had no idea what was about to transpire before them when she stepped up to the microphone. Although Jade looked liked a party girl with her short, tight-dress and stiletto heels, Dawid decided to give her a chance anyways. You just never know what can come out of a random duet.
Dawid looked at Jade in amazement only seconds after she opened her mouth to sing. As the two performers sang a chilling rendition of “Hallelujah,” passersby stopped and gazed at the strange scene.
The party girl and struggling musician were certainly a mismatched pair at first glance, but their magic seemed to work well together. She’s going to be a star someday!

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