Bride Unexpectedly Stops Wedding Ceremony when she Sees Husband’s Ex

Marrying someone with a child is a daunting prospect. Not only are you vowing to love your spouse for the rest of your life, but their child as well.
When Katie Hild was writing her wedding vows, she knew that she had to make some very serious promises to her soon-to-be husband (Jeremy), his son (Landon), and his son’s mother and stepfather (Casey and Tyler). Their family was going to be a blended one, and they all needed to be in this together.
Instead of shying away from Landon’s mother and stepfather, Katie invited them to the wedding and penned special vows to show them how much she appreciated their love and support.
After her own vows to Jeremy, Katie turned to Casey and Tyler and started an additional emotional set of vows to the people she would be co-parenting with for the rest of her life.
It takes a selfless woman to divert the attention from herself to her husband’s ex on her wedding day, but Katie did so without hesitation.
As Katie completed her vows, the guests broke down in tears. This was the most positive, inclusive set of wedding vows ever and they got to witness it all firsthand.

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