Man Spots Little Girl with Baby Bottle wading Alone in Flood

Renz Michael was sitting at his home in Pearland, Texas, when he happened to look outside and saw a little girl walking barefoot through the flooded streets wearing nothing but a t-shirt and diaper and carrying a bottle. The child appears to be confused about where she is going, saying she was looking for her mum and dad.
Renz asked her where her parents were. She said they were nearby. He didn’t let up — and thankfully so. He followed the little girl as she waded back toward her house. As they got there, her astonished father came out the front door, shocked that she had managed to slip out without anyone noticing.
Anyone with a toddler knows they are curious and can quickly get themselves into sticky situations, but who knows what could have happened had Renz not been there that day. The little girl could have fallen into a pot hole and drowned or been hit by floating debris.

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