Amazing Garth Brooks asks a crying Fan if she is a Mom. Even He isnt Ready for THIS Response

Gary took his wife, Sophie, to see Garth Brooks in concert. It was Sophie’s birthday, and Gary wanted to do something special. Little did the Ottawa couple know their bright yellow sign would lead to an unforgettable interaction with their favorite singer — and that it would soon go viral. During the encore, Garth serenaded Sophie by singing “Happy Birthday.”
Moments later, he learned the tear-jerking reason why she wanted him to perform his 2014 song, “Mom.”
You see, the song “Mom” has a very special meaning to Sophie and Gary. Their son, Antoine, passed away on September 23rd, 2011. He was only 3 and 1/2.
Sophie described the evening in the comments section: “The most memorable birthday I could ever ask for! Thank you Garth Brooks, Gary for taking me to the show for my birthday, to the fan who took this video (I could’t even remember half of what happened. I was so stunned!) and to Antoine for showing up on my birthday in a spectacular way! I had requested to Antoine and God in a prayer before the show that Garth sings this song for me especially. I never imagined it would turnout to be such a divinely well orchestrated moment! Garth Brooks is nothing short of a class act. That is what I love the most about him, the quality of his heartfelt lyrics, his genuine love for his fans and of course, his God given talent.”

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