I was Beyond Impressed when I Saw what is Inside! It Looks Like a Small Car but…

I can completely understand why people love riding bikes, i live in a big city too. You can save money and be active at the same time. It’s also much more pleasant than sitting still in bumper to bumper traffic. As much as I get why cycling can be such a productive and fruitful lifestyle, I just am not ready to give up the convenience of my car. If only there was some alternative that could offer the best of both worlds.
Thanks to Swedish inventor Mikael Kjellman, there now is a solution. Mikael loves riding bikes, but sometimes the harsh Swedish weather makes it impossible. So, he set out to design something that would work in any climate condition. After some trial and error, Mikael came up with “PodRide,” a four-wheeled bicycle with a covered body to keep the driver warm and safe from the elements. What makes this little vehicle so unique, however, is that the body makes it look like a small, one-person car traveling on the road. It’s so convincing that, at first glance, you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell that it was a bike.

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