This Dude Creates Spooky Halloween Decoration to Scare his Whole Neighborhood

There’s a tiny part of me that thinks that this amazingly clever Halloween decoration might actually be a bad idea. You see, someone with a wonderful sense of Halloween spirit has taken a spooky ghost decoration and draped it over a remote controlled drone.
Every neighborhood has that one house, that one family who seems to take things a little more seriously than the rest of the family, heck it might even be your house!
So when one guy decided to turn his remote controlled drone into a very spooky floating ghost, we couldn’t stop laughing at just how ingenious the whole thing actually looks!
Something tells us that whoever came up with this idea probably has a few more things in their front yard that are tailor made to scaring anyone who gets close enough to ask for candy this halloween!
While the ghost looks pretty amazing, we certainly hope that whoever owns it is being responsible and doesn’t drive it over any roads or highways, hopefully he knows how distracting a floating ghost could be!

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