Every Year, This Penguin Swims 4000+ Miles to Visit The Man Who Saved his Life

A 71-year-old retired bricklayer and fisherman, Joao Pereira de Souza from Brazil, found this small penguin back in 2011. The penguin, named Dindim, all covered in oil and this is where Joao stepped in. He saved the penguin’s life by washing and cleaning him up, offering him a second chance at life.
The South American Magellanic penguin didn’t want to leave old Joao alone, but in Brazil it is illegal to keep wild animals as pets so the fisherman had to let his friend go. True friendship can beat any distance. Joao was surprised to see the penguin returning to him the next year. He couldn’t believe it. Since then, the penguin has been returning every year to thank his friend that saved his life.
This is a truly amazing and beautiful story of how human beings and wild animals can connect in a way that is truly wonderful.

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