A Baby Born Prematurely Inspires Worried Parents with Dazzling Smile

A baby born prematurely can be a very scary experience for any parent. Even with the amazing advances in medical technology, it’s still be frightening for the mother and father, who will feel totally powerless to help their little one in their earliest days on earth.
When little Freya was born several weeks premature, her mother, Laurie, was understandably worried for her little girl’s fate. But a mere five days after she first entered the world, her little angel did something to let everyone know that she was here to stay for a good, long while: she smiled.
Some people say that Freya was smiling because she was “happy to be alive,” while others still think she could sense her parent’s worry and wanted to tell them that she was safe. No matter what you might think, there’s one thing we can all agree on: She has a stunning smile, even without teeth!

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