Rescued Woman Begs Man to go Back for her Dog After They Pull her from Sinking Car

In this video we see men happen upon a car that’s tipping downward, sinking into the rising floodwaters.
The rescuers first try to break the passenger side window of the vehicle as the woman continue to scream in terror and disbelief from inside the car. At one point, the car completely submerges. The woman’s voice becomes more feeble.
The car begins to dip with the rescuer’s weight and it starts to look like all is lost, but at what feels like the very last minute the man is able to cut through the soft top of her convertible and pull the woman to safety. That’s when she tells him to get her dog from car.
The man doubts his ability and says that she may be gone, but the woman in undeterred.
“Get my dog, now. I’ll go down.”
The man finally agrees to go back into the vehicle, and that’s when the second half of the rescue unfolds and the kind man does the unthinkable. During dark times, it’s nice to find some light — and it’s good to know that there are still heroes in the world!

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