Hero Boy Finds a Little Girl Buried Alive while Playing in Sand Dunes

5-year-old Alyssa Bostic was happily playing in the sand at the Marina Dunes when she decided she could fit into a hole inside a small cave she created while digging. The situation seemed to turn hopeless when the sand cave collapsed on top of her, leaving her completely buried and trapped under the sand.
11-year-old Connor Fitz-Gerald was drawn to the same spot where Alyssa had just been buried alive and quickly realized something was wrong. When Connor saw a bag which belonged to Alyssa in the sand, he started digging it up only to find that the bag belong to a little girl buried in the sand!
Connor looked around and saw no adults so he cleared his mind from any distractions and sprang into action.
He was able to pull her body out of the sand and reminded himself of an episode of NCIS that he saw where CPR was being performed. Instead of panicking at the sight of a lifeless body, he started CPR on Alyssa.
She was unconscious with sand covering her eyes, nose, and mouth, making the situation appear very grim. Connor’s calmness and quick thinking filled the situation with hope and life in even the most literal sense!
When the adults arrived, they called the paramedics, who said that if Fitz-Gerald wasn’t there, the situation could have been critical or fatal.
Alyssa has made a full recovery and is doing well. Connor Fitz-Gerald was later honored with the National Youth Hero Award from the American Legion Auxiliary.

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