They Brought Cameras Inside a School Cafeteria in Japan. This is Amazing!

In this elementary school located in Saitama, Japan, lunch is turned into a 45-minute educational period, just like math or reading. The students grow and peel their own vegetables on the school’s farm. They serve meals to their own peers inside their classroom. They do full cleanups after lunch. Each step in the process is meticulously planned, yet collaborative and fun. On this particular day, the menu features fish with pear sauce, mashed potatoes and five-vegetable soup. All of the ingredients are wholesome and home-cooked.
What started as an educational video about lunchtime in Japan is now turning into a conversation about the quality of lunch in American schools. The internet is blown away by the school’s care and efficiency when it comes to lunchtime, along with the student’s genuine appreciation for their delicious meals and hard work going into them.

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