Student Secretly tapes Bully Teacher on Class. Then Mom Hits Play and Hears The SHOCKING Truth

Brianna Cooper is a well-behaved fifth grader in Fort Pierce, FL. But when her science teacher began bullying her fellow student, Brianna used her cell phone to record audio of the abuse as it was happening. She thought she was doing the right thing — yet the school’s response left her mother appalled.
Brianna’s audio recording uncovered the shocking truth. Indeed, her teacher was caught berating the other student.
The fifth grader turned her recording over to her other teacher, only to be called down to the principal’s office. Thankfully, the teacher in question was fired for verbally abusing her student. However, Brianna’s mother Cassie was shocked to learn that Brianna also received punishment. She was suspended from school for five days, as secretly recording a teacher is illegal in the state of Florida.
The school argued that teachers have an expectation of privacy in the classroom, but Cassie insists Brianna is too young to understand the law and ultimately did a good thing.
If students are encouraged to keep their mouths shut if and when they see something wrong, Brianna’s supporters believe it does more harm than good.
What do you think about Brianna’s actions?

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