Contestant Performs a Move that Shocks the Judge and gets The Crowd Roaring

Contestant walked out on stage and no one was sure why he had tape on his face – until Howie joined him in the spotlight. He began his performance solo, but soon there called for a member from the crowd to assist in the next act. Howie walks onto the stage clueless as to what could be happening next, meanwhile the crowd watches in amusement.
He brings out another roll of tape and surprises everyone by placing pieces onto Howie’s plaid shirt – then the music started and everyone saw why. This performer called “Tape Face,” is a mime, but the success of this hilarious performance was loud and clear.
Everyone from the audience was bursting into laughter when he got to this last act. Howie was applauded for his assistance while everyone cheered on. This was a memorable moment from America’s Got Talent that still has everyone chuckling!

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